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We are passionate about bringing you a wide range of soil alternatives.

From special formulation requests to fit your operation to basic soil amendments, we can provide the right material for your project.

ASP Vision


We plan to become the local supplier to our community of farm growers, urban farmers, schools, and professional businesses to help rehabilitate your soils, adding life and vitality to your home projects, commercial farming, and gardening endeavors.

ASP Value


  • Work Collaboratively
  • Be Change Resilient
  • Be Nimble
  • Be Innovative
  • Deliver Solutions that moves us forward.

Our History

We began with one Basic Idea

ASP Began with one Basic Idea: produce and distribute Quality Soil Amendments Products with the importance of using organic solutions for all landscaping projects: Commercial and Residential in California.

Locally owned and operated, we flourished using organic products that are good not only for all types of plants and soil rehabilitation but also good for the Environment and our families. We saw the opportunity to contribute to our grower’s community in Bakersfield to help them bring life to their soil for better yields and nutritious foods with our organic compost, topsoil mixes, and mulches to be used to save water by allowing native soils to retain more water, increase vigorous plant growth, and better soil aeration to facilitate deeper root development and better air/water porosity and percolation. – increase in Microbial activity.

Today, we have expanded from our original base of operations in Los Angeles County to now produce and sell our organic soils from our Bakersfield Manufacturing plant with 5 channels of distributions in Southern California: Gardena, Lawndale, Inglewood, Canoga Park, and Sylmar.  We continue to work with our growers, farmers, and consumers to bring you better soil amendment solutions, developing premium formulations from our plant to your home or business.


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney


We promise to bring you Premium Soil Amendments solutions that will be good to all.
Colored Wood Chips

Wood chips are made from 100% recycled clean wood that are screened at 1 ½”. Ideally used for walkways and decorative purposes around trees and shrubs. Wood chips can help soil moisture as well as provide nutrients to your soil upon decomposition.

Fines 3/8” Grind

This material is also derived from various tree trimmers and aged for 60-90 days for a well composted material, rich in look.

This product is best used around rose or fruit-tree areas as it retains water and protects roots from hotter climate.

Shredded 1.5”, 2”, and 3” Mulch (Forest Floor Mulch)

Our mulch is derived from various tree trimmings and aged for 90-120 days for proper composting. We only source our mulch from quality-controlled chipper trucks with no curbside trash.

Easy to apply and best use is for garden beds, medians, slopes, landscape, or non-landscaped areas. Retains moisture, controls weed while amending soil as material decomposes. 99.9% organic.

Walk-On Bark 2″

Our Walk-On Bark derives from California’s Douglas Fir Bark. Processed and screened at 2” for consistency and formality. Best use is as a ground cover in visual areas to enhance plant life and demonstrate a natural look. It suppresses weeds, neatens the appearance of landscape beds, conserves water and diminishes soil erosion. Life span depends on traffic but holds 2-4 years of cover.

We also offer 4”-6” Walk On Bark.

Gorilla Hair Bark
Gorilla Hair – redwood or red cedar bark finely shredded

The thick density of gorilla hair mulch makes it an excellent deterrent for weeds to grow. The gorilla hair mulch allows water through to the roots of surrounding plants and flowers without letting it evaporate too quickly. This mulch is also useful for warming roots in winter and keeping the ground cooler in summer.


Coming Soon!

*Biofilter Media Materials

We offer to the industry and world-class leaders of wastewater treatment systems/recycling water treatment plants Biofilter Media that meets the required specifications to enhance the efficiency of eliminating toxins and unnatural chemicals in wastewater plants or recycling plants.

The following is an example of the type of biofilter media we can provide:

✓ Feed Stock – Chipped wood, high carbon material.
✓ Soft wood/Hard wood chips. Size – Wood chips from 3.0 inches to 8.0 inches (please contact us for any other size needed).
✓ Material no larger than 1 inch in diameter.
✓ Wood chips – grounded not splintered and will consist of softer varieties.
✓ Processing – Material is screened to remove fines, free of paint, treated wood, plastics, drywall, nails, screws, and trash.

Please contact us with any other specifications needed for your projects or biofilter media needs!


Promising to bring you Premium Soil Amendments solutions that will be good to all.

HQ Lawndale

4505 Manhattan Beach Blvd,
Lawndale, CA 90260

P: 661-858-1153

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